Steph & Ryck Waterfall Jump

In the middle of the cold prairie winter, sitting around my living room when Ryck & Steph and I were going over the details for their wedding day, I said… “We’re going to be in a pretty spectacular setting for your wedding.  And you guys are adventurous.  What do you think about maybe doing a “Next-Day Shoot” at a lake or river or something?  Maybe you guys could be in a canoe, or jump off the dock in your wedding attire.  If you’re maybe into that sort of thing.  Because I think you might be.”

They both nodded an enthusiastic YES.  So we arrived at Lundbreck Falls as the destination the day after their wedding, and with a tourist audience gathering from the rocks above, I had to admit I was rethinking if this really was still such a good idea.  I knew they had a month long honeymoon booked for the east coast mere days after this and it involved some hiking and obvious use of their limbs!  But Ryck assured me that it was going to be okay.  Steph was super brave.  So, from behind the camera lens I said a prayer for my clients to not injure their ankles on the jump into the waterfall pool and off they went on the count of three.  I will admit I was very happy to see my clients heads pop up from the surface of the water safely.  Clearly you can tell from their faces that it was fun.  Ryck even climbed back up on the rocks to jump again- haha!

So, why, right?

Why not?

I think it’s great to create art in different forms and experiences and why not do something completely out-of-the-ordinary and memorable on your first day as Mr & Mrs?

Thanks for the novel adventure Ryck & Steph!



P.S. This is my disclaimer (I seriously have had Instagram peoples see this and think it’s all good to jump here… ahhhh- I don’t endorse any location specific adventuring unless client approved and for the sake of art in this situation, and taken as a calculated risk from all parties involved.  Be safe. Peace out).