Dueck Family

I love photographing families in their homes.

I often find that you tend to be more comfortable in your own surroundings, your home makes a great backdrop to who you are, and kids tend to be more at ease (and can run around barefoot!) I loved this session, not only because the Dueck Family are my friends, but because it is so full of love.  I stopped in at their cozy home on a chilly, autumn Saturday morning.  We started with some photos in sweet Isla’s corner nursery, and then made our way to Beau’s bedroom where he got some good air jumping on the bed!  There was some Lego building, and lots of cuddles on the couch.  We gave the kids a play break and took some couple photos. I think it’s important to have photos of the couple- and Amanda & Nick were so relaxed (I think they look like the cover of a folk indie album).  I’m glad they humoured me with my unconventional idea to all hang out in the kitchen for some photos.  The light and the room were so beautiful and I love the breakfast dishes scattered about which tell a great story to where life is at right now with this sweet young family.

Thanks Nick & Amanda and clan!


PS-If you’re interested in a photo session, feel free to email me at: stephATretrospectphotographyDOTca