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Steph & Ryck Waterfall Jump

In the middle of the cold prairie winter, sitting around my living room when Ryck & Steph and I were going over the details for their wedding day, I said… “We’re going to be in a pretty spectacular setting for your wedding.  And you guys are adventurous.  What do you think about maybe doing a “Next-Day Shoot” at a lake or river or something?

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Steph & Ryck Wedding

Our friends, Steph & Ryck invited us to leave the prairies for a few days and capture their mountain and meadow wedding day in Alberta, Canada.  This was such a special wedding to photograph for a lot of reasons.  Steph & Ryck are pretty much ridiculously and romantically in love.  Like, a LOT.  I’d say they both wear their heart on their sleeve.  They are both thoughtful, intentional, laid back and not afraid to express their emotions, so it was such an honour to be a witness to it all.

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