The Honest Portrait Project 3.0

Bethany 1355-1100.jpg

I took The Honest Portrait on the road, and I’m going to do it again! I had interest in the Lower Mainland/Abbotsford, BC area, and got to photograph some amazing people earlier this winter. I will be back April 14th (Sunday) and April 15th (Monday) for more shoots! If you’re interested please send me a message and I can give you more details: If you’re a local in Saskatoon and wondering about an Honest Portrait 4.0, there’s good news for you at the the bottom of the post!

If you’re wondering what this Honest Portrait Project is all about, you can catch up on the vision and past work here and here.

Okay. Now, onto BETHANY. I will describe each person I photographed in an adjective rich sentence.


BETHANY: laughter, expressive, fun, kick-ass, joyful, creative, easy-going and funny.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a project that @retrospectsteph is doing. #thehonestportrait is a project that struck me immediately as something I wanted to be a part of. Of course, Steph lives in Saskatoon and I thought I’d never be able to take part. Well, as beautiful life would have it, she was traveling to B.C. and fit me in as a travel addition to the project. Steph is an amazing human. We chatted and laughed and cried (me!) during our time together. She made me feel at ease and empowered and beautiful. The pictures are lovely and I am so grateful. Mostly grateful for the time we got to be together but also for these beautiful photographs. Thank you Steph. You are a gem. ♥️
— Bethany

LORI: nearly retired school teacher after 40 years (!), caring, kind, thoughtful, generous, joyful.

Lori room laugh.jpg
Lori 1898-1100.jpg
I feel so celebrated, and I’m so thankful for these photos! They will give me great memories of some of my favourite years. I’m not sure how Steph got me twirling around my classroom, because I’m pretty sure she didn’t ask me to do that, but there it is, and the truth is that I absolutely love what I do. Thanks so much for doing this for me, Steph, and also for the beautiful things you said. ❤️
— Lori
lori door.jpg

LORENZO: photographer, social media dude, artistic, thoughtful, intentional, smart, inquisitive.

Lorenzo 2.jpg
Go check out @retrospectsteph She’s an ahmahzing lady and photographer.
— heyitslorenzo
Lorenzo outside.jpg

JENNIE: lovely, sweet, smart, talented, kind, brave and elegant.

If definitely causes reflection. If you are on the fence about doing this, I highly recommend it.
— Jennie

MARJIE: elegant, silly, generous, fun, laid-back, also that guinea-pig owner (fyi).

Marjie portrait.jpg
Thanks again!!! I really like a lot of them and really love a lot of them too.
— Marjie
Marjie bw 2.jpg

PEPPER THE GUINEA PIG: cute, cuddly (sometimes), mischievous, poser of floral boho crown.

marjie champagne.jpg
Marjie 2788gv-1100.jpg

HELENA: elegant, wise, caring, thoughtful, heartfelt.

Helena 3.jpg
Thank you Steph, I really love these! So much fun
— Helena

LYZANNE: musical maven, creative cool cat, good listener, attentive and caring human.

LyzFeb 6326-1100.jpg
Lyzanne mains.jpg
LyzFeb 5107bwpw-1100.jpg
Lyzanne 2.jpg
Steph!!!!! Omg those photos turned out SO GOOD!!!
Thank you so much!!!! <3 <3 <3
— Lyzanne
Lyzanne glasses.jpg

EROCA: poised, determined, strong, joyful, energetic and focused.

Eroca 3.jpg
They’re great!!! Thank you!!!!
— Eroca
Eroca 2.jpg

SHELLY: fabulous, fun, stylish, sophisticated & silly, lovely.

Shelly 2.jpg
I had a lot of fun doing the shoot and visiting with you.
The photos you’ve posted are amazing!! Oh wow. It was a real “this is me” thing for me. Putting out who I am without a concern. All the sassy, edgy, fun badass, blingy, stylin’, bold, both dark and bright sides of me. ‘Here I am,” and celebrating that. Thanks for making me feel like a supermodel for a day!
— Shelly
Shelly chair boots.jpg
wine Shelly.jpg

CHELSEA: soulful, artistic, photographer, the best laugh, kind and honest

Chelsea 5379bwpw-1100.jpg
Chelsea white s.jpg
Chelsea gap.jpg
Chelsea stretch laugh-1.jpg
lace dress CH.jpg
Chelsea main studio setup.jpg
Chelsea 6040bwpw-1100.jpg
Chelsea ponder.jpg
Than you for my beautiful portraits. You captured me, I’m grateful.
— Chelsea
Chelsea ballerina broken.jpg

I'll be opening up a new date very, very soon in Saskatoon, SK for the Honest Portrait Project 4.0 and I've love to have you join me. For the most current up-to-date info, it's best to keep tabs on my Instagram at: @retrospectsteph or on my photography Facebook page.