Grandpa & Grandma Linton | 70th Wedding Anniversary

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They’ve been married for 70 years!

My grandparents, Don & Ruth Linton met in the small town of Eyebrow, SK (yes, that’s the real name) and have settled there: running a farm, raising a family, continuing to be contributing and valuable members to their community.

They originally had their afternoon wedding ceremony and tea in Moose Jaw, SK and went on to Saskatoon for their honeymoon back in 1949. They still live and manage their welcoming home to family and friends, often with 4pm Red Rose tea on the table, and homemade cookies. Grandma likes to watch baseball, knit, play Sudoku, read magazines, bake and garden. Grandpa is an avid crossword puzzler, gardener, sometimes pool player, but he’s often out and about helping a neighbour fix some broken well pump or farm machine. Both of them love a games night and will school you at cards!

On a recent visit I was thrilled to take some portraits of them. The golden-hour light was amazing, and we kept the location simple, using their sweet backyard, and the prairie field view on their edge of town. They are lighthearted, affectionate and authentically themselves - it was a uniquely special and fun session.

We capped off the night making Cesar’s with their local craft vodka. Grandma had pulled it out of a cupboard earlier and said she was “more of a vodka girl than wine or beer.” (I love it!) My grandparents are huge advocates of supporting local when you can (that was just what you did before it became a thing), so it was no surprise that their vodka was from a local distillery (Smooth42) that had recently opened up in the old curling rink in the neighbouring town. A perfect way to cheers 70 years of marriage for the amazing and loving Don & Ruth!

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