The Honest Portrait Project 2.0

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Hey! The Honest Portrait is back with some awesome participants and stories.

This round has: a sweet defiance born from not being allowed colourful items/choices earlier in life - so now, “All-The-Things-Blue-I’ll-Be-Myself-Damnit” attitude, an accordion serenading, dating profile pics, a social media maven in front of the camera, a cool grandma jumping into a superhero pose, dancing, laughing, business owners sitting cross-legged on the floor and/or poised elegantly, and even some partaking in some fine whiskey drinking in the afternoon. It’s diverse and real.

If you’d like to take a link back to my original #thehonestportrait started on International Women’s Day in spring 2018- here’s a link to the first Honest Portrait shoot with those brave individuals. Part of that blog post explains my original vision. I also had recently opted not to continue with university classes because I felt that I personally had more to gain—and more to offer the world—by putting a PERSON in front of my camera to share their stories, rather than putting me in front of a computer writing another paper.



JUST SHOW UP with what you have to offer. I’ll capture it in photo and we can share it with the world.

Again, I've collected quotes below the photos from the participants as their own words say it better than I could express. I will say that I had to put my camera down a few times in different sessions just to be fully present with the stories and the moment.

These clients are the best. I’m really just one part of this process that allows these brave, honest individuals to be noticed and seen. So, THANK YOU again you lovely humans.

Next Honest Portrait 3.0 is soon. Stay tuned to my social for dates!



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I felt so comfortable with you; you create such an inviting space.
— Mattea
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Let’s be honest. I’ll probably print my Mom a nice photo and then also most likely update my Tinder profile with one of these photos.
— Zach
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I was actually really nervous about these photos but damn... YOU MADE ME LOOK SO GOOD! You literally made my day (week, year)... I’m actually at a loss of words. <3
— Shreya
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So, I did this thing called #thehonestportrait wiht the lovely @retrospectsteph as I tend to be one who is always behind the camera, not in front of it, and you guys... it’s hard!!! I was nervous as heck. But I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I’m so happy that I did. Talia and I thank you so much, Steph. Not only for the portraits, but for the entire experience.
— Celeste
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Just a quick message to say how much fun I had and how easy it was with you! You very obviously have a gift of making people feel open and supported so they are able to be their authentic selves for these pictures. I know the photos themselves will be amazing, but so was the experience.
— Jordana
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I took part in Retrospect Photography’s Honest Portrait Project this past weekend. Can’t remember when I last had a picture of myself. Felt really good to shed my work self, my “how I want to look on social media” self and just be me for moment. Thanks Steph.
— Daryl
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I loved every moment of it!
— Carey
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Thanks so much to @retrospectsteph for taking my photo for #thehonestportrait project <3
— Sydney
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Thank you Steph! It was enjoyable being the model for once. I’m so grateful for your talent, spirit and this project. I had a great time and highly recommend the experience to everyone.
— Jayna
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Thank you so much.
— Marlese
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Thank you! I so enjoyed my time with you.
— Brady
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Had some photos taken by Steph for her Honest Portrait Project and I am happy!! Thanks again Stephanie!!
— Jana
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This is me making fun of myself.

Everyone’s always “what do I do with my hands?!?!”

Yeah, I get you. I get you.