Tamara & Kelly | Wedding

Tamara & Kelly. These two were so.much.fun.

The early autumn weather was a bit all over the place, but the rain held off for all the important things and we just went for it with the photos. I love a couple that can embrace the day as it is and go with it. Tamara’s dress had the most gorgeous sleeves and she wore her grandma’s gold locket (that had photos of her beloved dogs in it!) Her hair and outfit were reminiscent of a modern boho chic carefree ‘70s look and she pulled it off perfectly. Kelly, you looked classy too.

We took photos with the bride & groom’s family dogs before we headed out of the city to the event venue. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of beer, a lot of Fireball (people have to keep warm, right?!), some bouquet tossing, a few joyful tears, and lots of good times with their family & friends. Congrats T&K!



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Making it all look | GOOD:

Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Agar’s Corner  |  Floral:  Blossoms Living  |  Hair & Makeup:  Lavish District, Tara Hanterman Hairstylist |  Officiant:  Don Gmeinweser |  DJ:  Myles Away Entertainment | Photographer: Retrospect Photography | Stephanie Hall | PS. If you’re a vendor from this wedding (that I missed), I’ll add you- just let me know! xo