Claire 9th Birthday Photo Shoot

Claire 0803-1100.jpg

It’s a yearly tradition, with my own kids, to have a birthday photo shoot. Claire turned nine earlier this year and wanted a shoot that was “fun and included some candy.” I will admit that I’m not beyond the occasional sugary bribe. This kid is sassy, smart, fun and kindhearted. Check out the air she got with her scooter skills.

HBD Claire!



Claire slurpee.jpg
Claire 0780-1100.jpg
Claire 0775-1100.jpg
Claire 0812yes-1100.jpg
Claire 0814-1100.jpg
Claire attitude.jpg
Claire 0852-1100.jpg
Claire scooter off.jpg
Claire 0983sssl LR AgfaVista100 Portrait-1100.jpg
Claire 1043-1100.jpg
claire Jump.jpg
Claire 1088-1100.jpg
claire slurpee sit.jpg
Claire 1091-1100.jpg

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