Front Paper | Fall Cards // Stationary Party

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My lovely friend Beth planned an intimate fall party for the addition of the newest cards to her stationary company, Front Paper. Also, any reason for champagne and celebrating milestones as a small business owner is an important thing. Getting a dream up off the ground and into real, tangible paper pursuits isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m proud of this boss babe and all that she is doing to bring her art into a collaborative creation of cards to give to the people you love.

The evening light was beautiful and we also took a few family photos in their backyard. These three will be soon welcoming an addition to the family with a baby-on-the-way, so it was fun to capture them as the original family unit before it changes. I stayed till the twinkly bistro lights turned on and the party wound down with affectionate hugs. Xo

Cheers to you my friend!


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