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SSmat 0858bwpw-1100.jpg

Oh man.  I love this photo shoot and this couple!  I had the privilege to photograph Shannon & Steve's wedding last year, and on the exact date of their first wedding anniversary -we were taking maternity photos. We decided to take some lifestyle shots around their home, the light was so, so beautiful. I'm a big believer in art in the everyday-which means that those boxes of neatly lined up cereal and the magnets on the fridge just add to the realness of the photos. We had to include a photo at the dining room table to get their purposely hung crooked framed image of Seinfeld's Kramer!  Shannon & Steve, you guys have the best sense of humour. 

The family pets are integral and made an appearance in the photos (as they did on the wedding day photos too).  We went back to some of the locations from their wedding day (around the Bessborough) and at Shannon's request, we even recreated an image with the Broadway bridge in the background.  I can't wait for these two to become parents; they're going to rock it!



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Wedding photo from exactly 1 year before.  <3

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