Family Photography | Ashley & Dan and boys

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Ashley and I chatted on the phone ahead of time to plan out their family photo session.  We were debating location ideas and she mentioned that they are actually somewhat homebodies that like to spend time in their backyard, around the house, and biking (and scooter-ing!) to their nearby local park.  I suggested that I would come to their place; we'd photograph in their comfort zone, with their pets, and then adventure out into the neighbourhood. It was such a beautiful evening to hang out with this fun crew, and Jack (the dog) and Wayne The Cat. The boys were such a blast, and I had a lot of fun following them around at the playground, on their bikes and having them help me take photos of Mom & Dad.

Thanks Dan & Ashley and family for the great time!



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If you'd like to book a family photo session (around your house, the city, or in the country), a portrait session, or a couple session, email me to put a date on the calendar:   I'd love to hear from you!