Shannon & Steve Wedding

I knew Shannon & Steve's wedding was going to be a fun day because every time I had met with them in the consultations beforehand their energy and humour was contagious!  These two are both dedicated veterinarians, and as such, Shannon most definitely wanted getting ready photos at their home with all the well-loved pets.  This is why there is an abundance of cat photos.  ;)

Steve has a Dutch background, and they incorporated some of that classic Dutch orange along with navy in their wedding colours.  I kept finding the colour orange throughout the wedding day, whether it was the shed in their backyard where I styled the dress, or the rust in the cement where I photographed the wedding rings.

I might have seriously overshot this wedding dress, but I cannot be blamed!  It is a one-of-a-kind creation by the very talented (and local) Melissa Squire Fashion Design.  This is not the first dress I've photographed of hers, and I hope to photograph more.  Melissa's style is flawless; knowing a bit of each of the wearer's personality, I can see how each design reflects the client as well as being an amazing, polished end product.    

The ceremony was held at a church where the light was top notch (we photographers get excited about that!), the service was thoughtful and very welcoming to all.   After the service, the wedding party joined in for photos around the university. Since both Shannon & Steve spent many years at school, I thought campus might be a good location option for them.  At one point Steve climbed up to stand on a rickety wooden rail for the group photo and Shannon exclaimed, "this marriage is about equality!  I'm standing up on that rickety wooden rail as well."  And so she did.  And that spirit is just one of the many reasons people love her.   

The reception was at the beautiful Bessborough Hotel down by the riverbank.  We got a few more couple photos with the bridge in the background (as Shannon remarked that when she first moved here from BC that she loved the all the charming bridges in Saskatoon).  The reception ended with many toasts, much laughter and the newly married couple enthusiastically serenading their guests with a karaoke duet.  

Congratulations! & much love to you Shannon & Steve!


couple 1481-1100.jpg
couple 3101bwpw-1100.jpg
reception 3673bwpw-1100.jpg

Making it all look | GOOD:

Ceremony Venue:  Grosvenor Park United Church | Reception Venue: Delta Bessborough Hotel  |  Floral:  Black Fox Farms  |  Cake:  Dean Hanson  |  Hair & Makeup:  Sarah Hanson  |  Special Thanks to:  Jess Benson  |  Officiant:  Rev. Nobuko Iwai  |  Karaoke/DJ:  Armed With Harmony  |  Bride's Dress: Melissa Squire Fashion Design  |  Groom's Suit: Tip Top Tailors