Audrey 12th Birthday Photo Shoot

AH12 6506bwpw-1100.jpg

Every year I offer my kids the opportunity for a birthday photo shoot.  They get to choose the location, the attire, whatever their little heart desires!  In the past we've done photo shoots with giant balloons, in a field picking tumbleweed "bouquets," frolicking through meadows, and now most recently hanging out in our city's downtown alleys.  My daughter, Audrey, is turning into such a cool, kindhearted and thoughtful young lady.  I'm proud of this gal and her dreams in fashion and art. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!

Cheers, Steph

Want a birthday shoot to document the year for your kid or even yourself?  Contact me at: for more details and to book.  

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AH12 6505-1100.jpg
Audrey triptych.jpg
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