Kat & The Girl Gang

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I know that Kat & The Girl Gang sounds like a band that should be on vinyl (or maybe even cassette?!), and with good reason.  This group that consists of: my lovely friend Kat, and her beautiful daughters, her cool sisters, and their amazing mom/Yia-yia, is one rad group of empowerment and overall fun times.  Family was recently visiting Kat and kids from out of town for Mother's Day, birthday celebrations, and a triathlon. These fearless females exude confidence and help build each other up (I know first hand because I participated in the triathlon with them and they were the best cheerleaders).  It was a honour to capture some photos for them and see how they love, tease, and encourage each other.  Thanks team!



If you'd like to book an extended family photo session, a family or portrait session, or a mini photo session, email me to put a date on the calendar: steph@retrospectphotography.ca  I'd love to hear from you!

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