Kyla & Zach Wedding

Trying to put into words all the reasons why I just love this wedding and the couple that go along it is overwhelming, so I will resort to list form.

Why Kyla & Zach (& Their Wedding) Are Amazing:

  1.  They trusted me and booked me for their wedding date before meeting me in person, and then later I ran into them at a local concert (Oh Wonder) and continued to have great respect and admiration for them (and their music choices).
  2. There may have been some humorous discussion ahead of time at our consultation meetings about being “non-photogenic”(not from me!)  A challenge such as this always makes me want to take your photo even more and prove you wrong.  Kyla & Zach are pretty much models, and are without a doubt photogenic.
  3.  Their engagement photos were fun.
  4. Kyla got ready on the wedding morning at her Grandma’s house.  Grandma’s home is lovingly crafted with beautiful art and plants naturally curated in every corner and it was a mid-century dream to style the getting ready shots.
  5. Grandma is just adorable.
  6. Actually, all of their family was wonderful and welcoming.
  7. The details.  THE DETAILS!  Kyla’s dress was custom-made by a local artist/tailor and it’s UNREAL.  So unbelievably beautiful.  The flowers were also put together by a local business and included in-season foliage such as raspberries in the bouquet.  I also love that Kyla wore a colourful mossy green buckle shoe with leather cutouts.
  8. The light. I realize that this is something none of us can really control, but the natural light on their day was perfectly overcast and I like to think they ordered it in from Mother Nature herself.
  9. Instead of the usual traditional wedding party, Zach & Kyla wanted to have their groups of friends in photos instead.  We kept it casual and all walked to a nearby industrial-looking area for some fun photos.  I love that they made up their own rules for their non-conventional wedding party.
  10. The reception table centerpieces were decorated full of recycled tin cans with potted pansies,and turquoise glass antique lanterns.  The dinner meal was colourful, unique and delicious.  The dessert table was brimming with all kinds of sweet textured goodies, and family members (maybe aunties?) kept restocking the table with what I imagine were homemade treats they had created.
  11. Zach & Kyla are an inspiring couple with a very sincere and genuine way about them.  They had such attention to all the tiny details, and their desire to spend lots of time visiting with their family and friends during their wedding made for such a relaxed and meaningful day.  It was a pleasure to capture the photographs.

Congratulations Kyla & Zach!!



Making it all  look | GOOD:

Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Le Relais Hall  |  Hair Stylist:  Liliana @ Ultracuts|  Makeup:  Mel Mahoney  |  Bride’s Dress:  Custom made by Melissa Squire Fashion Design & Alchemy Boutique  |  Florals:  Tierra De Sol  |  Caterer:  Evelyn at Fresh Dish Catering