Mike & Jody Wedding

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The groom, Mike, has been a part of my family's life for quite some time.    We knew each other from our twenty year old self days of living in Vancouver and have history of waffle brunch Canada Days, ultimate Frisbee, Halloween barn dances, "Uncle Mike" giving our 1 year old baby Handel's classical music for her birthday (which was super cool), and hearing about his community in The Gambia in Africa.  

When Mike flew out to visit us in Saskatoon a few years ago (and put on an amazing house concert), I asked him about his love life.  "Well, there is this girl named Jody. She's pretty special. I'm interested," he said with a smile and a nod. It was no surprise that this special day was around the corner! 

Jody texted me the day before the wedding, "So, I have this funny dinosaur outfit I'd like to wear over my wedding dress to surprise Mike at the first look photos.  Is that okay?"  Is that okay? That's amazing!  This is the kind of fun and trickery Mike usually has up his sleeves, so for Jody to one-up him was clever and great!  

The first look went off without a hitch; Mike laughed and was surprised. The family and wedding party joined in for photos around a sweet New Westminster park.  

The ceremony included guest participation to music and then a surprise musical set for the bride, ending with a romantic bride & groom impromptu dance on stage.  

The reception was held at the idyllic Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion, a place that is like a second home to Jody, who is an accomplished rower and athlete.  Heartfelt and hilarious speeches were given, including a Dutch quiz, skits, and the Friesen family serenading their take on Robbie Robertson's song "Broken Arrow," 'there she goes, moving across the water, there she goes... turning my whole world around.' 

The party night ended with the wedding couple launching out in their customized lit-up boat across the inky black lake, while the guests cheered them on from the dock. 

It was such an honour and a pleasure to photograph these two, who we - and so many other people - deeply love.  

Congratulations Mike & Jody!!

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Making it all look | GOOD:

Ceremony Venue:  Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship   | Reception Venue: Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion  |  Special Thanks to:  The Koehn Home  |  Decor & Ice Cream Boss: Logan Bristow  |  Florist:  Megan Findlay  |  Hair:  Naomi  |  Makeup:  Camille at Esvee Beauty  |  Officiant:  Ken Braun  |  Band/DJ:  Matthew Walko, Brett Alexander  |  Community Bouquet Coordinator:  Sabrina Neufeld