Justin & Kat, Bailey and London Family

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Kat and I first met as we sat front row in the elementary school gym to see each of our kids perform at an assembly.  After realizing that we both had two daughters each, the same ages, and that we both had moved to Saskatoon from BC within months of each other, AND that we were neighbours that lived 4 houses down the street, it was pretty obvious that we should become good friends. Kat & Justin invited my family over for cookie decorating & wine.  We bonded over advent calendar beer during Christmas and everyone (including our men) got along famously!   Since then we've had many neighbourhood brunches, bbqs, and parties.  Anyone that gets your jokes and will let you do emergency laundry at their home is friends forever.   

K&J, and girls: you guys were a joy to photograph.  Thanks!



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