Leah & Steve Wedding

I’d suggest you pour yourself your drink of choice and settle in.  Why?  Because this blog post is epic.  I thought I had it all ready to post, and then I had to go and add in more photos to the story, just because it was so, so good.  Why will you make it to the end of this epic blog post?  Because who doesn’t adore love?  That’s what this wedding is all about.  Enjoy.

Leah & Steve got married on a sweet, June day on Willow Island, in Regina, Saskatchewan.  (Sidenote:  let me tell you that Regina is Riderville, no matter what.  For fun- I’ve spotted at least two Roughrider paraphernalia in the photos that just happened to be there.  See if you can find them!)  Leah & Steve were brought up on the prairies, but in the recent years have relocated to Vancouver where she is a talented fashion designer, and Steve works at the always en vogue MEC.  When I arrived at the stunning bride’s home in the early morning, she was calm, cool and collected and her gorgeous bridesmaids’ had everything under control.  The men were getting ties on when we arrived at the family home and the classy level was pretty much at a Ryan-Gosling level.  (Haha- it’s true!  They are a handsome bunch).  The ceremony took place on a quaint little island in the middle of the massive park that runs throughout the city.  Guests took turns being ferried over to the private location (which was really a photographer’s dream!)  The vows and the sweet looks that the couple gave each other during the ceremony were so heartfelt and beautiful and genuine.

The couple had ample time to visit with guests after the ceremony, along with a champagne toast, and then we took a little ferry ride around Wascana Lake to get a few views and photos.  I love that we were able to get some photos on the water, being that the couple reside in the Vancouver area now.  We mixed it up after the boat ride and headed into downtown for some urban, back alley shots.  The reception was full of personality with a twitter selfie of the group (reminiscent of Ellen at this years Oscars), a pretty wedding cake made by a family member, a dance floor that seemed to never be empty, and the night ending with the talented groom (aka: Jonny Cash voice) singing a song to his new bride.  It was a fantastic day.

Congratulations Leah & Steve!